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Anyone in FL know what cc companies are pulling eq?

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GEMB/OLDNY 02/23/2007 Equifax

E-LOAN 02/06/2007 Equifax

ROADLOANS 02/06/2007 Equifax

7TH AVE 01/16/2007 Equifax

CITI 01/10/2007 Equifax

EMS 12/22/2006 Equifax

GREENWAY 10/24/2006 Equifax

BK OF AMER 10/06/2006 Equifax

HSBC NV 12/07/2005 Equifax

CHASE-BML 08/05/2005 Equifax

My scores right now FACO are (588-TU) (524-Ex) (574-EQ)...With these scores I only got Roadloans and 7th Ave!

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