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DV lettersto CAs vs. dispute letters to OC?????


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It all depends if the debt is still with them or sold to a JDC, and what you want to accomplish -- dispute, deletion and/settlement.

1. Generally, you send CA letters to dispute/validate accounts - of course, it is in our rights to do so to be sure they are authorized to collect the amounts tey claim we owe, the validity of the accounts, whether they exist at all. These letters tend to be stronger in wording (of course, in accordance with most of their questionable tactics).

2. I would be gentler with letters to OCs, especially initially. Eventually, they are the ones you send PFD and goodwill letters, hence you want to have a good track record of reasonableness with them. However, their non-compliance with the law merits treatment.

You can find sample letters at:

Here is the link for sample letters: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/

I am sure others may also shed light on this situation. You can also look at the credit Premier in the stickies above for clearer information.

rgds, YY

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