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Can 2 CA's attempt to collect on the same account?


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At the SAME time?

I have 2 different CA's trying to collect on the same account. One of them is a "law office," (second law office to have this account within a month and a half) and the other is a typical-looking CA by the name of RAB.

They both came within a week of each other, and RAB's was the most recent, and came to my other address. ( I have 2 addresses that are active).

Each claim 2 different amounts, but within $100 of each other. I am in "default" with the OC, but they continue to accept my payments and the payments are reflected in the statements...although in fine print they do refer questions to "the collection agency." Well fine, but which one??

I plan to DV each, but has anyone heard of such a thing? As you can tell...I'm new at this.

One more strange thing...the letter from the law office CA was dated 2-19-07, but was postmarked 3-5-07.


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Save that envelope with the postmark!

It's possible that the law office has been hired by either the CA or even the OC.

The OC may be giving some of the comission to the CA. I wouldn't be afriad to just call then OC and ask.

Go ahead and send your DV's CMRRR to both CA's.

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And claiming differing amounts to boot. The most recent dated letter (from RAB), cites the account at $120.43 less than the "law firm." In fact, those letters went out almost simultaniously, according to the postmarks.

Should I DV both on same day? Meanwhile bring my account current with the OC who continue to cash my checks?

Something is not quite right here....:confused:

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I had a similar thing happen to me. Cavalry called a local atty who called me, which I really didn't mind since I hadn't talked to a CA in so long it was kinda fun. I asked them for validation which they provided. All I got back from Cavalry a long time ago was the green card, they never validated.

The part that I didn't like was Cavalry did a hard pull in Aug, the atty did a hard pull in Jan, yet Cavalry updated my CR the month after. To me, that seemed like they were both attempting to collect. I immediately wrote a letter to the AG telling them (1) the atty didn't have PP and (2) I never got a letter from the atty within the initial 5 days of contact (with the mini-maranda on it).

Anyway, the AG wrote them a letter and copied me. They said they have 10 days to respond to the accusations. That was about 3 weeks ago, I'm still waiting on the results. I'll let you know what the atty has to say, I can't wait for their excuse.



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