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Response to DV

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Got my first response to a DV request!

Of course, they gave me basically zero. They told me what my own name and address is, my SS#, the date they say they purchased the debt, and an account number with balance. Oh and, they gave me the name of the OC.

Now, from what I've learned here, it seems as though they can continue collection efforts, i.e; send me mail (limited C&D in my letter), or sue. Their letter BTW is dated 3/1 and postmarked 3/23. My letter said I would require 30 days to review anything they sent me.

What would anyone suggest doing from here? My concern is a suit. I would think my best defense would be to question the balance. To beat that, I would think they would need more than what they provided in the letter. There is no signature or accounting of the balance. If they had this, I would think they would have sent it, if they don't, they don't scare me much.

Should I send 2nd DV asking again for a signature and balance broken down? If so, by 4/1 or 4/23? Thanks all.

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Do know whether the SOL has expired or not?

Follow along on Kristi's DV flowchart.


Did they respond within 30 days of receiving your DV letter? If they didn't respond within 30 days, and they continue collection efforts without validating, those are violations.

Be sure to learn what is a violation.


Keep good records, send letters via CMRRR, and follow the flowchart.

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Still within SOL. About 28 more months to go then my strategy is obvious.

I am aware of the flowchart, but they obviously think they HAVE "validated", so will probably, and from what I have come to understand are entitled to, proceed with collections.

They did not validate within 30 days, but I didn't think there was a time frame on their end.

The question remains....2nd DV letter or let it rest?

Thanks for the repsonse.

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My duh moment. You are right. No time limit for them to respond to a request for validation. They can take 6 months or more if they choose, but if they persist in their collection efforts then they are in violation.

Yes, there's a chance they will sue if you send them a second validation letter, but since it does not sound like they have adequately validated thus far, suing you would simply give you more violations over which you can sue them.

If it were me, I would follow the flowchart and press on. But that's me.

There's a chance they will sue if you DV again, but there's a chance they will sue anyway if you don't. The more you press the process, the more likely they are to commit a violation.

Until you're out from under the SOL, that fear of a lawsuit will remain. It's all really up to you and what kind of person you are. Some would prefer not to think about such things and only deal with them IF the CA filed suit. Others would prefer not to let it rest and would rather face the fight and get it on. Neither is right and neither is wrong. People are different. Which are you? That's really a rhetorical question intended to evoke inward reflection.

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