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To sue or not to sue?

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Has anyone ever sued in small claims court? I am thinking about suing the previous owner/manager of a debt settlement company that went out of business after I paid them for almost 3 years and they never settled the cc debt. I have proof that they never had a proraters licsense and broke contractual agreements. They didn't file bk but the guy took off and left it for a trustee. I only got $3400 back which is %35 of what i paid them. In the meantime this debt is now in a CA and is ruining my credit, etc. I really want to get this guy who took advantage of the fact that I knew very little about debt settlement companies, gave me the runaround and is probably living a pretty good life for the money we all paid him.

Is it worth suing? Oh and of course all I know is the guys name and his prior businesses addresses. But I am sure I can pay some money to find out his home address to summons him.

Any advice would be helpful. I never thought I would be in this situation. It has been a nightmare for me.

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