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What are good reasons to dispute a Paid Collection?


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If you're referring to disputing with the CRAs- You could try "CA agreed to remove TL upon payment".

However, you may be asked to supply proof. So, if you have it- great! if not,...then not great.

If you're referring to sending a dispute letter to the CA- just send a DV letter saying you are disputing the debt. You don't have to give a reason- just send the letter. Hopefully, the letter will be opened by someone who doesn't know what to do and they end up deleting the TL. They may look at it as -they got their money and don't want to go to the trouble of responding to you.

With paid collections- you've nothing to loose.

However, IMOE- goodwill letters worked best.

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I think you can dispute a paid collection. My reason for the dispute would be - "Debt not Mine".

If they tell me that the debt is mine, because, after all, I did pay the CA. My response for paying it could be:

1. Paying it stops the interest from accruing, and considering my name is on it I want the interest to stop immediately;

2. Paying it stops the CA from contacting me;

3. Paying it doesn't mean that I agreed the debt was mine;

4. Paying the debt is not relevant to me disputing the ownership of the debt and the faulty TL.

My next step would be to write a dispute letter to the CA. Hopefully they won't have any of the records. If they don't have any records, and they then verify the dispute with the CRA, then they're looking at a lawsuit. Hopefully a couple nasty letters telling them what federal and state laws they are violating with their incompetent reporting practices will grab their attention.

Anyway, that's my ideas on it. Let me know if you see holes in my analysis.


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