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Going after org creditor

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Hi Guys

Iv read about going after these guy for verification. so what is it exactly

I would be seeking. They content I opened the account in 1997 I say it was 1991 because it is under my maiden name with my then boyfriend now my husband as co signer. They also show a paymeny history that I know to be false. I called best buy 2 monthes ago and they had no info on this account.

call today and they say we had it in our archives and we wont discuss

it with you as we have sold it to Arrow fin. Only after disputing the time line with the CB,because I believe the sol has expired on this accout, do they suddenly have all this info. In my letter I am seeking copy of orig signed doc. payment hist including amounts and since I pay by checks , dates cashed etc.

Anything else I should ask for.

thanks aunieandreg:confused:

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