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Dispute or Not to Dispute; That IS the Question


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I have an old TL with the OC that I disputed months ago. TU removed it. EQ, although saying it was verified, their report said it was verified by the JDB...but they subsequently removed it. The only one still reporting it is EX, and I am assuming that they verified this with the JDB as well.

Have my own battles going with the JDB, who has been DV'd and just this weekend I got an alert thru TC that they have reported this, again, as a "New Collection".

The OC is an old, old, OLD charge off. The SOL is up in a few months (6 years) and drop off next year. I don't want to do anything that might cause the JDB to try to re-age it. So in my mind, I'm thinking that it would be better to leave this old TL alone until the verified SOL has run and then use that information against the JDB who continues to try to report.

Am I on the right track here? Or have I gone off in left field somewhere?


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Yeah, leave it alone. I just disputed what I THOUGHT was an old TL and they reaged it. I disputed, sent copies of previous reports (one from this year, one from 5 years ago) and EQ still won't change it! Anyway, not a big deal...it falls off in 6 months or so anyway. But it was due to fall off this month!

The rest of my baddies (2 more to go) will fall off this fall/next spring then I'll have a clean report. I'm not in the market for anything in the near future (have a home, reliable auto) so I have time...I'll just wait it out.


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