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Is this a violation by Capital one?


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short story:

Crap one is reporting a debt to my CR that I do not owe. The DOLA has always been 7/2000....always, on all 3 major CRAs.

At some point, the DOLP turned to 7/2002. There has NEVER been a payment on this account since 5/2000...period. Even when the DOLP changed to 7/2002, the DOLA remained 7/2000.

Fast foward to last year, 3 months AFTER the SOL expired:

Crap one has an atty file a judgement against me on their behalf. I went to court in Jan and told the judge I did not owe it and that it is nearly 7 years old. He asked the atty how old it was, he said he didn't know and the case was reset for April.

During the time since our original court date in Jan, I have DVd the atty, asking for validation of the debt and proof that it was not out of SOL, etc. The only reply from them was the green card back and an offer to settle for less (about $400 less than they filed the judgement for).

I also disputed with Equifax which came back "verified" as belonging to me.

Now this is the kicker: the DOLA no longer shows 7/2000 and instead, it shows "na".

To me, this is an obviously underhanded attempt by cap one attys to mislead the amount of time left in the SOL.

After all, if they could prove there was a payment made in 7/2002 (which there was not) then why not just change the DOLA to 7/2002 instead of putting "na"?

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