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Nuvell is screwing up in Texas


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First off, being in Texas, we are allowed to DV the OC, and this post is in ref. to an account that is out of SOL by almost 2 years. That being said, I requested DV from Nuvell, the OC, on a car loan that we had back in 2001. These folks sent me a letter that had a reduced copy of a contract with my name on it and an accounting of my payments. This Item was never sent to a CA, I'm not sure why but it wasn't. Anyway, the car was repo'ed but there is nothing in the things they sent me on the accounting of the repo or sale of the repo (ie. how much they sold it for or who the high bidder was and the names and amounts of the three highest bidders. etc.) This is one of the problems I'm having. The others are that they are reporting differently to the CRA's, TU is showing a Pay Status of: collection/chargeoff auto loan with a balance of $11,099., EX is not showing and EQ is showing as a $0 balance Unknown - credit extension, review, or collection with a Pay Status of: Late 120 Days. I requested DV on 01/08/2007 via regular mail and then again on 02/21/2007 via CMRRR and they verified with CRA's on 02/28/2007 and 03/02/2007 before ever responding to me. Equifax still has the TL marked as disputed by consumer but it was never marked as in dispute by the subscriber on either CRA. I am hesitant to send ITS for fear that it might hurt a case. Do I have enough yet to pursuit legal action yet or am I forgeting something here.

Thanks D

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