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What if Debt Payment/PFD Offer is Rejected


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I am considering settling / paying off some accounts -- DirectTV ($85) and Suntrust ($235) if they come back validated and verifed.

My question is: why if they reject my PFD offer, and offer me a "settled" notation on my CRs. I know settled is as devastating as a paid collection, hence not an attractive option.

So if we both cannot come to a reasonable settlement, and I refuse to pay, have I literally hit a brick wall (since I would have acknowledged the debt by making an offer)?

What other options exist?

rgds, Y

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I found a validation cum settlement letter in the "Good Credit is Sexy" book).

The last paragraph reads:

The offer is not an admission of indebtedness, but an attempt to bring swift closure to this matter and clear negative items from my credit report.

And attached to the letter will be the PFD agreement, asking them to agree to delete, remove account from chexsysystems, if they accept payment

Should these proviso's be adequate ?

regards, Y

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