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Help, I'm pretty sure we jump the gun on this one


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OK guy's How bad have we messed this up ? I sent out a CMRRR DV to Omnium Worldwide, of which we got back on 2/23/2007, who is the CA for Verizon Wireless/Southeast and was waiting to get my info back, meanwhile, my wife saw some of my info sitting on the table and thought she would be a sweetie, so she called Verizon and paid the full amount of the debt ($205) using an over-the-phone credit card then told me that that was one I wouldn't have to worry about anymore.. Anyway, I kind of gently explained to her about debt validation and SOL which expired a year and a half earlier and all that. The main question I have is this, The CA has still not responded to my DV and have verified with the CRA's yet never marked this as disputed by the subscriber. Is there anything that we can do? By the way, I'm not sure it matters but we are Texas residents.

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