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Rules of Evidence: Illinois

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From the Kane county handbook on rules of evidence:

The following should be carefully noted with regard to the use of certain types of evidence. Estimates of

repair costs or estimates of the value of damaged property are not admissible at trial unless the person who

made the estimate is in court to testify. The person who testifies must be an expert in that area. An itemized

receipt marked "paid" and signed by the person who made repairs is admissible. Police reports, letters or

affidavits of witnesses, or other written statements prepared by persons who are not parties, and are not

present are inadmissible. Written documents signed by one or both parties may be admissible. Exhibits such

as photographs are permitted; however, the party offering such exhibits will ordinarily be required to

establish their identity and authenticity.

So that means those crap affidavits used by debt collectors are not admissible as evidence in Illinois unless the person signing the affidavit is present in the courtroom on each trial date. Take that, Asset!

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