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Bank Question: Is There A Lawyer In The House

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I dont know if this is the place to ask this, thinking it doesnt (well at the moment I think) have anything to do with my CR. BUT!

Long story short: I went out of town with my husband the week of March 9th. Before I left I transferred money from one bank account to another. (Just to be sure! On Tuesday I called the "E-time Banker" and listened to my account as it stated that I was overdrawn. Curiously, I asked to speak to a LIVE person. I ask the rep if my negative amount was for that day and they stated yes. I asked if I transfer money I am not going to have anything to worry about because those fee are for today... right? THEY STATED YES! So I transferred more money. Two days later assuming my account was all good, I curiously called to check on my account and low and behold I was in the negative! Once again talked to a rep, asked the same questions and got the same answers. So here I come that same Night I talked to Etimer and finally go on to verify checks went through.... OMG! I was in the whole for over a hundred dollars.

My husband called the bank and asked if someone would investigate the charges, days later no one inverstigated anything. My hubsnad ended up in an arguement with the bank manager, and the bank manager told him it isnt his responsibility to transfer money and it was our problem we are over drawn.

He then talked to another lady that told him "we needed to grow up and learn how to manage our accounts", in which she then apologized and said she wasnt being professional.

She told him not to put money in the account and wait for everything to clear up. She then said she didnt say thet.

After all was done and checks were declined and things were bouncing off the wall. I ended up apying over 300 in fees. I ended up puting the money in the account and called to talk to a regional manager, she stated she would find out what happen.

Well my account they closed with money in it, I havent heard anything from them. And I cant get on line to see that account either.

Etimer says what they see is for prior days, the bank says (well nothing). I disputed it with Etimer and it was declined.

I told them that cant list Etimers phone number on everything and expect people to call them assuming the information is correct and up to date.

SO is there something I can do? Can I hire a lawyer or would it be a waist of time?

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no point in a lawyer yet.. you need to find someone in charge and look at the entire account and find out why it didnt transfer.. you should have had a transaction number of something to that affect when the money was transferred.. talk to someone IN CHARGE... or if you can find a physical office go down there.. a lawyer would do the same thing and charge you if they would even take the case.. do you have proof the funds were transferred?

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This is what happened... it's the difference between transaction date and posting date.

You transferred money but if it is done after hours, on a weekend or on a holiday then the money will be put in the account on the following banking day (ex. transfer to checking on Fri night posts on Monday).

At this point, there's really nothing you can do except ask for the banks "Funds Availablity Policy." It outlines when things posts to accounts.

Ask and see if they will reverse the fees that were charged. If not, change banks.

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