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NCO "moved, left no forwardining address" - what to do now??

Guest JmeNYC

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Guest JmeNYC

Hello! I have three items from NCO on my credit report for medical bills (which I suspect were billed to the wrong insurane company, so I'm trying to work the hospital to see whether they were just paid very late). I tried to DV NCO at the address below via certified mail:

NCO Financial Systems

2550 E Stone Dr Ste 250

Kingsport, TN 376600801

According to USPS, NCO has "Moved, no forwarding address".

What do I do next? Should I try to do a MOV with the CRA or send a new letter to a different NCO address. I've found other NCO addresses on this forum, but don't know whether it counts to DV a different NCO address.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!


Jme in Virginia

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