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What's the point of a FAKO Score Who uses it?

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The point of a FAKO is to make

you believe it has value


to get your money.


They have figured out yet another way


dollars to leave your pockets and to enter theirs.

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I get my FAKOs from TrueCredit and MyCreditKeeper. MCK seems closer to my FICO scores, and I have had them longer, so I keep it to watch the trend of the scores over time. I have TC because it allows daily pulls. I got a bunch of inquiries bumped off that way, plus I can keep checking to see when I get a change in my report wehen i am expecting something to show up.

The scores may be a lot different from FICO, but I watch the trends on the two FAKO services, and they follow my FICO trend reasonably closely. When I see that my MCK or TC scores have just jumped by 20 or 30 points, there is a good chance that my FICOs have gone up a bit as well.

I buy my real FICOs every 3-4 months, but check the FAKOs frequently in between FICO checks.

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I also like using TC...not only do the alerts tell me when something may be amiss on my report, but it also tells me when there have been good changes in TL's such as when I had a 30 day late removed and changed to "paid as agreed, zero balance".

I received immediate notice when a JDB posted a negative...and I had a fax out to them that day advising them they were in violation, and they immediately removed it.

The FAKO's are simply a guide. But it also lets you see how a specific TL can immediately change your score (positive or negative) to let you know what you have accomplished.

I call it instant gratification while traveling on the slow boat to credit recovery. =)

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The FAKO is just that.. a guide...

but I wouldn't pay for it.

Yes, a guide, and a choice.

I had TC before I ever came to this forum, and wishing I had been here first (didn't know about the Walmart/TC thing). But when I started seeing things surfacing on my CR, I immediately found this forum and am learning how to deal with them.

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FAKOs are there in part because the CRAs were made to provide one with a free annual copy of one's CR under the FACTA amendment to the FCRA. The CRAs could no longer charge one a $9 danegeld every single time you wanted a copy of your CR. So, they "provide you an added service" and sell you your FAKO scores. Something of a cross between a Jedi mind trick and a shiny object waved in front of a cat--but for a fee.

One sees this sort of thing in most businesses. Caller ID and other "advanced" telephone services created income for the telcos after Ma Bell's monopoly was split apart.

I don't pay for my FAKOs as I get them with TU's TrueCredit, but use the Walmart Financial Services link and get it for $11.21 a month.

FAKOs aren't completely useless. They do serve as a moistened fingertip placed into the wind. Gives me some idea where I'm at with regard to my FICO scores. When my FAKOs change significantly then I consider buying FICO scores again.

However, to reiterate, I don't pay for FAKOs, and I recommend that you not pay for FAKOs either. They are free with a credit monitoring service which is far, far, far more valuable.

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