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Question about reading my Experian report..


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First, my progress to date...

In the time I have been at CIC, I have had 2 fraudulent accounts removed from my reports, bumped off a bunch of inquiries (it finally worked! yay!), and gotten several small collection accounts removed by DVing. But I have been afraid to take on NCO and LVNV, because I hear so much about how bad they are. Now it is getting closer to the 7 year mark on the biggest baddie, LVNV, and I have decided I am content to just wait it out because I am a chicken! The LVNV account should be removed 09/07.

But NCO will still hang around until 9/09 unless I take them on. The account is for a couple grand, and due to my state of mind at the time, I really don't know how much of that was the actual balance, and how much was added fees and interest.

I just got my Experian report today (without score) because I disputed a couple more items, and this one has a line on it I didn't notice on previous copies.... the NCO account was originally Chase's. On the entry for Chase, it says:

Status: Tranferred, closed/Account charged off. $290 written off.

Does that mean that I only owed $290 before all the interest and fees? Or is that what they got for it by sending it to NCO? The balance is listed as 2 grand.

Other than those two bigges, I disputed 2 small ones today, and both would die a natural death by the end of the year anyway.

I plan to by my FICO scores again soon to see exactly where I am. MyCreditKeeper and TrueCredit keep going up!

And because of the support of the folks and information here, when I found out about a MAJOR plumbing repair I was going to need, I had the confidence to call my bank about a personal loan, knowing that my chances were good to qualify, and that would not have been possible a year ago!:D

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Unless I'm math-challenged, the SOL has run on these since you're in TX.

If you're not planning to do anything like buy a house, refinance, buy a car, etc. between now and October, might be best to just let LVNV sit and fall off in 5 months.

Got nothing to lose by DVing NCO. Use in your DV letter, "I just discovered this on my CR."

The $290 write off does sound like $290 was owed and the balance up to $2K was interest and fees.

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Thanks, y'all! I don't feel so bad if it is only $290 plus fees! Honestly, I was in a really bad place in my life for about 4 years, and blocked all this stuff out. So, I wouldn't know the real balances myself. I didn't even open any mail for at least 2-3 years. Despite what the collection agencies think, I don't get joy out of my debts. They were one of several things I used to really beat myself up over. While I have learned to dust myself off, move on, and do things RIGHT this time around, it also makes me feel a lot better to think I probably didn't rack up nearly as much debt as I thought I did.

I think I will let LVNV fade away. I will probably go ahead and DV NCO and see what happens. I have nothing left in the SOL anymore, so that is a big relief, but I still have that lingering fear of contacting them anyway.

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