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Big 3 Repo on report

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I'm posting this one for a friend of mine.

Buddy of mine was a resident of Calif. He leased a vehicle under his own name from one of the big three, aproximete year, 1999 (prefer not to disclose, incase someone is lurking).

He moves to Oregon around 2001. At the same time his lease was coming up so he went to the local big3 dealer and had them renew the lease for another year. At the end of the year he turns in the vehicle do to financial hardship.

At the end of 2002 his brother accepts service at the residance were he was living. The papers are for default on the lease / repo.. The Big3 claimed they had to repo the vehicle, because he never turned the vehicle in at the end of the first lease.

Stupidly he never got a lawyer and figured after talking too the dealer that the issue was going away. (Don't flame the guy for being stupid, he knows better now)

The judgement was sold off and now he has a collection agency going after him for judgement, around 3500 plus accumilated interest, to the tune of around 7000.00.

When he moved back to California a few years ago, a few of his personal records were misplaced, one of those boxes containing the revised lease. He attempted to contact the Big3 finance operation to get a copy of the second lease but they claim the 5th.

He currently has a lawyer representing him on this issue, however he is not an expert in credit. Friend of the family type person.

So my question is. Is it possible, with a good lawyer to reopen this case, possibly force the big3 to produce the lease paperwork, and poke holes at the whole thing.

He has being trying to clean up his credit to buy a house and this repo is hanging everything up for him right now.

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