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OC Reporting TU Code-11?

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There is so much information on this site it's hard to keep track of where everything is?

Not long ago I came acoss a post that listed the codes that CRA's and Creditors used in this credit reporting/scoring scheme. I tried the search buth keep coming up empty. If someone remembers where it is,please advse?

I have a situation where I paid a debt and the OC say's they are reporting to TU a Code: 11, which is suppose to indicate "Paid In Full"?

However my credit report says Balance: $0 and Current Status: 120 Days.

The 120 Days is true however we agreed on a "Paid In Full" for the payment (which I have in writing).

Can someone help? Does this sound correct?

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As you probably know by now, a Paid in Full, (like you said), designation on a

very bad account is only slightly better than a

not paid in full designation.

They act like they are doing you a HUGE favor by marking paid in full--

whooop tee doooo xdancex:-D :-D.... "I have a PIF but my credit still sucks"... :-):-):-)

You want to try to get this removed and here is the technique (link below)..and

stop worrying what code 11 means... :D

because if it off you CR, then it doesn't matter code-11 means, right :wink: (hehe)

Read PRIMER and send the letter today.......


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Thanks for the link however there is method to my madness. According to the OC it means means "Paid As Agreed?

I have a written agreement from them as to what was required of both parties. They are stating that they did exactly what they said they would do per our agreement, which included removable of any negative etries.

They are saying that the problem is with the CRA and not them. As evidence they have suppled me a copy of the Universal Data Form sent to the CRA to update. Based on the data listed on the form, I'm trying to confirm that it is indeed the CRA whose at fault. This form and what is actually being reported are clearly different. Obviously I can't scream at the CRA unless I know what I'm talking about. They only item that I can't confirm is the account status which has a code-11?

I don't want the TL deleted if it is to be reported as a positive entry.

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Ok, from what you said...

I have a situation where I paid a debt and the OC say's they are reporting to TU a Code: 11, which is suppose to indicate "Paid In Full"?

The OC says....:twisted::confused::twisted::<img src=:'> :twisted::<img src=:'> :twisted: ?!?!?!?!?

Have you pulled a CR yet?

What does the CR say, that's what's important.

Maybe Code 11 is an internal code to the CRAs to report the account as PIF or PAA, whatever you negotiated with them.

PIF is very differnt than PAA.

If you haven't pulled a CR, please do so now :-):-):-):-):-)

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Thank you very much for trying to assist me however a couple of things are very clear to me you either 1. don't have a clear understanding of the question or 2. don't know the answer.

Either way you're not answerig my question.

I was hoping some with knowlege of a Universal Data Form would answer the question.

Thanks anyway!

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11 is a Metro2 status code that means current (and still open) account.

Paid in full is a 13, however if it was a charge-off, repo, or such, it shouldn't be reported as a 13.

For example, a paid charge-off should be status code 64.

ETA: if you have other specific questions, I have a copy of the Metro2 manual. :)

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