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United Collection???


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I have a question:

United Collection Services, Inc.

Client: International Telcom LTD

Amount: $62

Balance as of 12/2006: Shared, But Otherwised Undesignated Account

Can someone tell me what does this mean? I sent a DV and have not heard anything from them but they are verifying it through the CRA.

I remember I believe it was either divemedic or SecretAgentWoman saying that MOV does not work and it is a waste of time. What should I do?

Has anyone ever an account with them? If so, tell me what you did.

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it sounds like the CA may be in violation of a FCRA rule..

A question.....

did you just get this collection within 30 days, or is it an older one?

In the "primer' it says to send a few DV(Disputes) to the CA.

dive suggests just to keep it simple, " I dispute this debt",

then after the CA recieves the letter,

Then dispute with the CRA again, if they verify again, now they are

in willful noncompliance and you have a stronger case.

Read Primer for yourself....


also, here is a flow chart...

WorkFlow Chart


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dives Primer, suggests

1. that you repeat the DV process, and dispute again with the CRAs,

this gets them on wilful noncompliance, and builds a stronger case.

2. only contact them to inform them you are suing or just fax them an ITS.

Simple. I would follow the divemedic's advice. He did it and it works.

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