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Do I have a Case?

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Hello All

I had a credit card debt ot 6k and lost my job right before 9/11. The debt was sold to a lawyer.

I tried to receive verification via email which they never provided even though they said they would. i was later sued, I was scared so I didn't show up. Now I have the judgement and the CA on my credit report. They have been reporting ever since I asked for verification. Do you think I have a case to go after the CA? Here is a snipet of the email that was CC'd to two other people in the firm. It was from 1/25/05. I know you only have one year for violations, but wouldn't the violation happen every month when the reported? Thanks for the help!

Dear Mr. Alarie,

Due to our office policy, it is discouraged that we communicate

confidential matters with you via-e-mail for security reasons. Please

contact us by telephone or US Mail. I will also be happy to provide you

with our toll free number to increase your accessibility to telephone

communication. It is 800-xxx-xxxx. Please direct your call xxxxx or

myself in his absence. We will provide you with verification of the debt

as requested.

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