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NCO requested NAF arbitration on my SOL debt. I responded with refusal to arbitrate and that debt was SOL. NCO then requested dismissal of case. Now I have received Order from NAF stating

"The Arbitrator Orders:

IT IS ORDERED that the above case be Dismissed Without Prejudice."

Would like to believe it is over but since it is without prejudice I am expecting NCO to refile or something. Any ideas on what their next move will be? Does NCO typically request arbitration again after requesting dismissal?

Great site wish I had visited sooner.

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it wouldnt matter if they did.... its still out of SOL... even if they come back they hit the same brick wall...but if you really want them to go away.. file a complaint with the AG in PA.. you can do it on their website.

they got spanked pretty hard by them a while back.. when the AG gets involved I notice that NCO starts to behave.. I even got an apology letter and everything dropped off my CR

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I talked with Compliance officer today with NCO about the bill from MEDCLR. I told her I don't think that it is me as far as the ambulance bill. She told me that she was going to contact the OC and get an itemized bill from them of what they did. Can they do that?

Also, the OC was contacted and requested a copy of the bill. They said in order for me to get a copy of the bill I had to request them in writing with a copy of my DL for identification.

How can she (NCO officer) just request a copy of my records with identification and all? I think that is so messed up. Plus I thought that this bill was out of the SOL. It was 12/17/02.

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