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Help needed fast.


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First off I’d like to thank those on this site for helping me. This is my first post and I just completed a rehab of my federal student loans. This site taught me about this.

Now I need help again I have a Sally Mae account that has been sent to collections with Progressive Financial Services. They called me last night

3-29-07 (Unknown Caller) and I informed the caller that all contact must be in writing.

Here is the situation 3700.23 in full or, 6273.99 with interest if payment arrangement is made. I need guidance on how to proceed on this.


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Well, any advice that you get is going to be dependant on what you can do. Can you swing the $3700 now? If so then I would say negotiate a Pay For Deletion, so that your credit is not messed up as bad. If you don't have the $3700 then you obviously can't take the deal and need to handle this some other way. There are probably other things here also that others can suggest, but starting with more information about your situation will help.

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You don't wanna just open your checkbook. You'll end up with a paid collection, and that's perhaps only slightly better than an unpaid collection.

First step with any CA is to DV.


Nothing fancy is required.

"In accordance with the FDCPA, I request validation of this debt."

Just be sure to send it CMRRR, save your CM and USPS receipts, save the RRR green card when it comes back, make a photocopy of the letter after signing and before mailing, and put the CM number at the top of the letter.

CERTIFIED MAIL 1234 5432 2343 9843 2343

Just follow Kristi's DV flowchart.


Have they sent you anything in writing? If so, great. Just use the return address shown in that letter. Save the letter, and start a file on the account. Make a photocopy of everything you mail out, and save everything you receive.

If they have NOT sent you anything, pull your CRs, and see whether the TL from the CA is there. If so, use that return address.

Oh, and again welcome.


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