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4/3 Court Date - Assistance Needed

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I rec'd a Summons for a bill that is not mine.


- Summons is for Small Claims Court

- My residence is MI

- Sheriff's officer tried to serve me summons at my mother's house (I live next door on adjacent property, but my own legal address).

- Officer left his business card stating "(My name) we have papers for you"; (I kept this card)

- I went to Law Enforcement Center to pick up summons which showed my name, but my mother's address.

- I told them was not mine; they told me I had to appear in court anyways and would put a "sticky note" on the summons.

- Being sued from Nursing Home Facility ($671) for non-payment of a week's stay (by my father).

- This is not my bill; belongs to my mother as surviving spouse.

- I signed nothing with the nursing home; I was only listed as a contact in case of emergency.

- Consulted with atty who told me I "had better appear" or the bill would become mine; also said I could try "calling" the nursing home.


- Is there anyway I can delay this long enough to find a competent atty? (Court date is 4/3)

- Isn't this a confidentiality issue (amongst other things)?

- Would it be likely if I fought this I would win enough $$$ to pay for my atty and my mom's bill? I will also have to take time off work, etc. during our month-end deadlines (bad timing).

I am already helping to support my Mom and she cannot afford. I am willing to make some sacrifices to help her. Also, there is a point to be made. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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