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New here - Hello! - curious, when credit report agencies disagree?

autism mom

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Hi, I''ve been reading the amazing info here and it's time to start asking questions. I have a messy situation, of course, lots of charged off accounts.

I have all 3 of my reports and I'm just curious. Believe me, I don't expect them to agree! But I have several accounts that are reported "paid" on one or two but not on all.

If it says "paid" somewhere, does that mean they're really paid, and I can get the other reports to agree?

I don't know what was paid and what wasn't because while I was sick my partner (now my former partner) took care of things and I very stupidly believed him when he said everything was up to date and dealt with. I know, I know, I'm an idiot. Life's been pretty crazy and it didn't seem like a priority. Oops.

I'm very confused with all the info but I know it will get better as I go along. Much thanks to everyone for sharing your expertise and experience.

Sincerely - Pat

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