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Question about clearing debts...


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Hello everyone! New here and I wanted to start off by saying thank you for this site! It's incredibly informative and I have been up for about 7 hours longer than I should have been just reading everything!

I'd like to also apoligize as I am sure what I am going to ask about has been asked, but I think I'd have a better understanding with a more personalized answer. :)

This is multipart, so please bear with me. I am moving to a new state for a new job and decided to get my credit reports as I really want to get things cleared up. My EQ FICO is 529, and my EX is 508. I can't get my TU report as I apparently lost my online log in to their site and when I call customer service I keep getting hung up on.

Anyway, I am looking to repair and rebuild, so here are my questions.

First, I have a collection account with Asset Acceptance for a Bally's Total Fitness membership I got back in 2001 (and then moved to where there was no Bally's, yet despite not using their service they still wanted me to pay the whole $1,700 fee). It's set to drop off my report 12/08. It's obviously past the SOL. Should I just ignore it and deal with it on there for the next 17 months, or should I challange it? I don't now, nor ever had any intention of paying for a service I did not use - contract or not.

Second, I have a $420 OC charge-off/sold, and then the $420 settled with the CA. Is there anything I can do to get the OC off my report? I have a similar situation with another credit card that was charged off and is now in repayment with a CA as well. The OC statements on my report have no 'end date' listed on them.

Third, the SOL is up for a couple of other collection accounts which are getting ready to clear. Should I just ignore these? What can I do if collection attempts are continued after it clears? And if they are sold off to a JDC, with something new appearing on my report, what are my options?

Finally, I had a vehicle repo'd (with my blessing, lost job and new one didn't pay enough!) that has a $7,200+ balance after the vehicle was sold. Does the statute of limitations apply to that? If so, is it from the date of repossession or the date I stopped paying? And would it be the state of my residence or the state where I signed the loan? I will never be able to pay back the money, and they really don't seem to care (so far), it's been 3 years since the repo - but it does state the account was charged off and purchased by another lender.

Thank you so very much for your help. There are some accounts that I am going to pay off, even if I could get out of them. But I feel that I need to as I was irresponsible, but trying not to be now. I will make sure I send them PFD letters (never would have thought of that without this site...).

Again thanks.


(edited because I found one of my answers!)

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