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Notice of pendency of class action

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I received by mail today a notice of pendency of class action. Its listed like this:


Marvin seeger, Bradley Gamroth, Robet Mcclain and Joanna Blarek


Afni, Inc.

You have NOT been sued in this matter. This letter is a notice that you may be a member of the Class certified by the court in this lawsuit.

You are already a member of the "Class" but if I want to opt out I would need to send a letter requesting exclusion.

************Afni is a CA being reported on my CR's. But what does this letter mean? I was going to DV Afni before I received this letter. SHould I still do that? Should i opt out of the "class"???

Thank for any help

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Thanks for the reply.

So since it says that I am already considered a part of the "class" in the suit against Afni. Should I leave it alone? Or should I write a letter to have myself removed from the "class"?

If you think there is a chance that this should cause this item to fall off of my reports. Should I hold off then on DVing Afni?

The letter states that this case was filed 2/28/07, is there a relative time frame that these cases usually take determine??

Thanks again.

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