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Incorrect information sent to me what now?

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Hi everyone!!! I am looking over some information that the agent for the collections agency gave me over the phone when I wrote the DV and C&D. Well he gave me the wrong account number and the address he gave was to his office. I do have a signed return reciept of 3-9-07. It was signed by an agent of the collections agency. When I recieved the "bill" from Alliance One they have the following as the return address



It says the my account has been referred to their office for collections. They want the payment in full.

it also states "This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt, and any iformation obtained will be used for that purpose."

Is this not a violation of the statute that the company must be either a debt collector or assignee? They make it sound like they are Chase Bank.

I am also going to send copies of all the information I sent when the guy first called me on the 3-6-07 AND he has called 2 times within the last two weeks

AFTER the C&D was recieved at the address that he gave me.

What do I do now????????


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