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Telephone Message from Unknown CA


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I have had a message on my answering machine and office voice mail a couple of times from the same person which says:

"This message is for Bubba. If you are not Bubba please hang up."...

short pause, then

"By staying on the line you acknowledge you are Bubba, this is an attempt to collect a debt....."

Is this some attempt by CA to usae as proof they talked to some one?

Can/shoiuld I do anything to protect my self leagally?


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Do you have Caller ID? If not, sign up today with your local telco. It's cheap and easy protection so you know which nimrod is calling you.

Do you have a tape recorder? If not, maybe you wanna go get one. Get one you can use to record phone conversations. I dunno, that just sounds like something which may be of value in dealing with this CA. They are around $60 at Radio Shack.

Tape the voicemail messages onto a cassette. Add a little intro to the cassette tape before you start recording the voicemail message.

"This is John Q. Citizen. The date is March 30th, 2007. The time is 7:25 PM EST. On March 23, 2007 at approximately 5:15 PM EST I received the following message on my home (or work) voicemail. Caller ID indicated the call came from 800-555-1212." Keep the recorder recording, then play back the voicemail message.

Cassettes are cheap. I'd put one message per cassette, ensure you like the sound quality, clarity, etc., then break off the tab to protect it from being recorded over.

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well first of all yes its legal and second caller ID is nice but some of them use fake numbers. ARS comes to mind.. I get a call from them nearly every day.. alway someone with the same name.. different voice and this girl gets around.. one day the area code is chicago.. the next LA.. last week it was Miami.... and when you call back... the number doesnt work.. big shock

also keeping a tape is fine.. but dont get into a conversation with these people.... do everything by mail

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Nothing is perfect or foolproof. It's merely steps we can take to reduce our risk. If there were foolproof steps, Kristy would have set up this website with a "Click Here To Repair Your Credit" link.

Yet more reasons for the Congress to act.



I stand by my suggestion that we need a CIC Letter Writing Day.


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