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How I can start


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probably everyone one this board

just wishes they had your "problem":p:p

I wish that I had

just a couple of late pays to stress over :):):):):) hehe


When did you have these? (dates)


how late were they?


with whom?

Also, did you goodwill the CEO, with a supersize of good reasons and of course, don't forget the the sap.

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If you're certain you were late, goodwilling is about the only option. Since it's a recent payment, their records are likely rock solid so disputing it with either the CRA or the OC probably ain't gonna go anywhere.

If you're in doubt, go back over your records. If you paid by check, look at the date on the check and the date it cleared. If you paid via some sort of billpay, you probably have the same options available. At my bank, I can request a copy of the canceled check either by fax or mail, FOC. Look at your mortgage and see whether it stipulates in the terms about late payment reporting. Perhaps there's a clause in the contract that allows a grace period before they report late payments. If it's a signed contract, and they violated those terms, you could force 'em to delete the late pay.

If City Mortgage is a small outfit, then that might be a case for sending a goodwill letter to the CEO. I normally don't do that, but for small OCs I think it makes sense.

There's no law that says you cannot send a second goodwill letter.

Have you had the mortgage for long? If so, don't forget to include that. "I've been a loyal customer promptly paying on-time every month."

Since it was December, you probably had the stress of Christmas and gift buying at that time on your mind.

My company did a round of layoffs in December, and I used that in a goodwill letter. Even though I wasn't affected, I didn't know that until the layoffs were announced and for several weeks I was left wondering.

Be creative. Try to be honest, or at least plausible in your goodwill letter. And don't say anything to contradict your first goodwill letter. Build upon it and presume they have a copy of both letters in hand. If you said X before, and now you say Not X, then they might discard your goodwill out of hand without any consideration.

Finally, don't send your goodwill letters CMRRR. Just a 39 cent stamp.

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So there is not another option to clear that late if I will send another goodwill letter and thay will say no again?

Not really. If you're late, they can legally report it to the CRs. That's why I suggested researching it to be absolutely certain you were late. If you weren't late, and you can prove it, chances are good the OC will likely delete the late reporting without a fuss or a fight.

if thay wil say no is there another option?

Well, if a second goodwill letter fails, then you could try a third but I think we're talking Law of Diminishing Returns.

Beyond that, about the only leverage you have would be to threaten to refin your mortgage thru another lender. That seems an expensive approach, and you'll still have the late pay reporting. In theory, if you had a good deal in hand from another lender, you might be able to initiate a negotiation for a better rate in a refin from City Mortgage and then segue into the late pay reporting and whether it could be removed. If you do it, you'll wanna focus on the refin and make the late pay a secondary issue at first, then increase your focus on the late pay reporting.

If a single late pay is the only scar on your CRs, then I only wish I had your problems.

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