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Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change...


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I think it's time for a time out.

Everyone take a deep breath, raise your arms, and slowly let it out.

We must understand that credit repair is an ongoing process. It's not an instant fix. It's not all-powerful. There WILL sometimes be things we just cannot fix.

I know, I know, there will be people who will cry "Never give up! Never surrender!" (Cue Tim Allen ;)) And to those who continue to fight despite the odds, I salute you.

But remember, you are NOT your credit score. It's okay to have blemishes.

So, this thread is the purge thread. The closure thread. The acceptance thread. Come forth, and confess thee what cannot be changed and declare it shall have no power over you! xangelx

I'll start.

Asset Acceptance and LVNV Funding have my balls in a vice (er...if I had any). They validated, and report monthly faithfully to all three CRAs for high amounts, declaring I'm a deadbeat. But that's ok. 8] Time will pass, a new year will begin, and the lowlifes will no longer be able to legally brand me with a scarlett letter!

*gives the podium to the next person*

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