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Who Is Credit Control/Leading Edge?


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Does anyone know who this is?

Credit Control (For payments)

PO Box 4635

Chesterfield, MO 63006

Credit Control

245 E. Roselawn

Maplewood, MN 55117


A neighbor of ours asked me today as they received a letter yesterday from them. Also, one of their "ADUB's" called yesterday. They were very rude and did nothing other than lie. A couple examples of lies:

1. Letter says payments can be made, while "ADUB" asked for employer, hours, wage, bank, and all other so as to determine if they qualify for a payment program. WHAT?

2. "ADUB" claimed they now own debt, yet letter says it was assigned. Letter does show "creditor" as LVNV Funding LL. I can't find anything on either.

3. Forgot to add. This same "ADUB" also stated on the phone that he only has one week to close account. When asked when the one week started, he claimed it was a week ago.

The same "ADUB" left a message today in a very nasty tone that they had expected a call yesterday to make a payment in full. Neighbor is saving it.

Lastly, the number left in message does not connect to this CA. It connects to a company called "Leading Edge". Let's recap this. Letter says from Credit Control, caller says same, but, representing LVNV Funding, but, phone number is for another company. Somewhat confusing unless we can deciphor this and find who is who.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I can tell you that LVNV Funding is Sherman Acquistions. They changed names a year or so ago. So they are the same law breaking JDB company they used to be, just a new name. It would seem that this debt was bought, not assigned and is being worked by one of the CA's they use.

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