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HELP! ASS-et at it again...need advice

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On 1/24/07 my husband received a dunning letter from Asset in regards to a very old Household/Orchard account that he doesen't even think he had in 2002 this was a form letter and we replied cmrrr on 2/06/07 we asked for a calculated statement and how they came up with it and all the other things that you are entitled to ask for. On 2/22/07 we received another so called letter that said Thank you blah blah blah with a mock account statement with Asset's name at the top not Household's, statement date, old account #

prior creditor what the principal is and interest/fees and balance, a wrong phone # and a partial social security # thats it, nothing stating anything that I requested so I resent a second letter stating that they didn't meet any of my required request stating that they didn't send anything that I requested and that I would like to see what their talking about and this was on 3/03/07 and we sent this cmrrr and while we are still waiting to receive a letter back from them they have put negative marks on his credit reports. Do we now send them another letter cmrrr telling them that we intend to sue or how do we handle this? We need help as were getting ready to buy a house in the next 7-8 months, What do we do now? Hope you can HELP?:confused:

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