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dealing with accounts that are paid


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I have a 2 accounts that are in collection still. One of them i don't know who has the account now. However, that one is not showing up on my credit report. I am not sure that to do about it. I have contacted the law firm who sent me the letter stating i owe xxx amount and now they told me they no longer have the account and can't give me any other information on it.

Any suggestions??

One the second account i am waiting for a reply back.

I had also paid off a few accounts that were in Collection. One of them being AT&T Universal credit card who sold the account to a CA being NCO. I have a settlement letter stating that the account was paid in full. But now i am getting offers from some company that wants me to do like a transfer balance type thing in order to pay the amount back. So i contacted NCO and they told me that the account shows as paid in full. So i told me that i received a letter requesting a balance transfer for the amount of xxx amount and that i need to reply within 30days. NCO told me i needed to notify Portofilo that the account has been paid (the first CA that had it and Resergent (company that is trying to make the transfer deal.) So i typed up letters and made copies of the settlement letter to prove that it has been paid. I sent them certified and delivery confirmation a set to each NCO and Resergent.

Waiting on a reply from them if i get one..

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