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Do I challange or let it drop?


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Since I realize my other post was probably two wordy, I'll go through one at a time and figure these things out. I pretty much managed to dig up the answers to my other questions...

I have a collection account with Asset Acceptance for a Bally's Total Fitness membership I got back in 2001 (and then moved to where there was no Bally's, yet despite not using their service they still wanted me to pay the whole $1,700 fee). It's set to drop off my report 12/08. It's obviously past the SOL. Should I just ignore it and deal with it on there for the next 17 months, or should I challange it? I don't now, nor ever had any intention of paying for a service I did not use - contract or not.

As well, the SOL is up for a couple of other collection accounts which are getting ready to clear. Should I just ignore these? And if they are sold off to a JDB, will something new appearing on my report?

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