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Old Credit Card off report, CA calling


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I was recently contacted by a collection company in regards to a credit card that I had. This credit card is not showing on any of my 3 current credit reports. When looking at some of my old credit reports the date of status for this credit card is December, 2000 and the last payment date is January, 2000. I was advised to send a Letter of Validation to this collection company and I am now waiting for reply. I know that the statute of limitations has expired on this account and that the seven year clock has also expired.

My question is should I have gone a different method? From my readings I believe that I cannot be sued by this collection company but can they do anything else?

Any help that you can provide will be helpful.


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1. They did send me something on 3/8/07.

2. I am not sure what you mean by TL, but if you mean did they report on my credit report, not so far.

3. I do have there phone number, I have dealt with them in the not so distant past.

4. I do have their name and address. This is Asset Acceptance.

I sent out the DV on 3/28/07 certified mail return receipt. Waiting patiently for a reply.

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You started the DV process, and that's good. Just follow Kristy's DV flowchart. If and when a TL (Trade Line) from the CA appears on your CRs, dispute it with the CRAs.


I am not sure what you mean by TL, but if you mean did they report on my credit report, not so far.

Here's some essential reading.


One of several threads on abbreviations and acronyms used in here.


No need to call 'em. In fact, don't EVER call a CA. Nothing good will come of it. Keep everything in writing and via CMRRR. Also save a photocopy of your signed letters to the CA.

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