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Authorized User & Effects on Primary Cardholder Credit

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I've done some reading on being added as an authorized user on someone else's credit card. I looked at the list of credit card companies that report authorized users. My mom, dad, sister, and brother have cards from these companies. My question is will my chargeoffs from that CC be an issue? My mom has Discover and AmEx cards with 20+ years of history and high limits with almost no balance but I defaulted on both my AmEx and Discover cards. My dad has Citi and Chase with the same kind of history and I defaulted on AT&T Universal (which is Citi) and FirstUSA (which is Chase). These defaults are several years old and will come off my CR soon. They have great account histories. They always pay on time and pay the balance off. I don't want to ask them to add me to their accounts if my charge offs will affect their accounts.

I am an authorized user on my company's credit card accounts with a credit limit of over 100K but I don't see this being reported on my CR.

Also is there any way Chase will add me to an auto loan that is in my mom's name when I am the one who has been paying for it for the last four years? It was a $40K+ loan in which I have been paying $600 a month for and have less than $6k left to pay on. The car is still worth abot $30K.

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I can't answer everything.. but your charge offs will NOT affect them if they add you..

as far at the auto loan. you can ask but I doubt it.. they would have to rewrite the loan.. they dont usually just add someone like you would a credit card.. same for mortgages

I second this information. By them adding you it does nothing but help you. They will see nothing negative from it. They never even need to give you the card........

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