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Problem with Discover

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Hello everyone--my problem is that I had a Discover credit card, and the debt I had on it was charged off in 2005. Last year Discover hired a lawyer to sue me. I never received my summons, so they obtained a judgement. When I found out a month later, (via my bank account being frozen) I quickly went to court myself, and got the judgement vacated.

The case went back on the calendar, and is scheduled for trial in June. Here is my question: On my credit report, the judgement is still being shown. I know I can write the CRA, and enclose a copy of the vacated judgement to get that removed, BUT, there is a tradeline as well showing that Discover account, with the status as charged off. Legally, can that charged off account still be shown on my credit reports, even though the case is pending a trial? And do I have any legal recourse for suing Discover or the attorney for not correcting the fact that there is currently no legal judgement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated--thank you very much.

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