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Questions about Resurgent Capital

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Two Questions About Resurgent Capital


I got a letter from Resurgent Capital. The letter's address is Greenville SC.

I have been asking for a debt validation from Capital Management, in NY. I do not know why I got this letter from Resurgent Capital for the same debt, which has been out of, and past, SOL for 12 months.

Here is what the second page of the letter says:

"Valiation of Debt

March 23, 2007

R.S.B.(my name)

The account of RSB acquired from ABC Financial is now owned by LVNV Funding, LLC.

At the time the account was acquired from ABC Finanacial, ABC advised us that the balance owing was $2,211.23. Since that time, addtional interest, fees, payments, credits, and offsets, if applicable, have been added, for a current balance of $5,534.45.

Please not that any addtional interest, fees, payments, credits, and offsets

made witin the past 30 days may not be reflected in the above current balance."

I KNOW that is NOT proof this JDB company owns the debt. I also know it is NOT proof that any debt belongs to me.

My questions are:

Does the JDB really consider the second page of their letter, is a real debt validation?

Does LVNV own Capital Management and Resurgent Capital...are they all the same company?

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LVNV Funding, LLC,

DBA/ Resurgent Capital Services, LP

Dba/ Alegis Group, LLC

Aka/ Sherman Financial Group, LLC

Fka/ Sherman Acquisitions


Aka/Ascent Card Services

Aka/Ventus Capital Services

Aka/Performance Recovery Group

Aka/Receivables Management Solutions?

All The same people, however, Resurgent Capital Services, LP has an address in Houston Texas off of Bissonet, that being said, they are subject to the Texas Debt Collection Act. You can read up on it here http://www.deanmalone.com/Texas_Debt_Collection_Act.htm read 392.202.

Hope this helps

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