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Hiring a lawyer, what to do, how much will it cost?

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I've read so much that I'm confused. I think I'm way over my head here. I need to file an answer within a day or two, is it possible to hire a lawyer that fast? I've checked naca.com and there is someone not too far away. If they aren't available, how about a regular bankruptcy lawyer? If I mess up the summons, I'll need to file bankruptcy anyway.

How much will a lawyer charge to answer a summons, approximately?

And, what will they need to see? Obviously, the summons, and probably highlights of my CR to see if the lawyer can find any connection to an account I know about?

What can I expect a lawyer to actually do? I'm not expecting miracles, but what exactly will I be paying for?

What other info should I bring?

Thanks so much.

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darlin you need to start weeding through your yellow pages and ask questions.. those are questions for the attorney you end up hiring...

As far as cost we cant provide that here.. since it varies from firm to firm and state to state.. to find someone in two days would be tough.. but get on the phone and start dialing first thing.. as far as a NACA lawyer.. try it but that group is BUSY..... you may take a while to get one... but to file a response.. I would honestly go local to get that done asap

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Do get on the phone. I spoke with an NACA lawyer over the phone last year on answering a summons. Didn't cost me a nickel. Depends what you need, but many will consult FOC.

Another place to try is here.


I only saw one law firm listed for NJ.


They are in Philly, but I see at least two of the attorneys admitted to practice law in NJ.

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