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CA has my bills and my bills mixed together


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MEDICAL BILLS...Our children were very ill and are finally better, It has been a long battle, Now the BILLS! These have been paid in 2004 and 2005. (One showing unpaid on my wife;s) My better half and I are Now trying to clean up the mess. Apparently, the CA went over and charged us as joint responsibiliy so when some of the bills should have only been in my name as primary. Why drag by wife into this when it is my situatuion. Now two of us are hit pretty hard by this instead of one of us bearing the burden. Better to have one strong gpartner than 2 bad partners.os ud regardsless of whoose bul i t was, Unfortunately know our credit is SLAMMED by this CA going after both of us, regardsless if it was shared or individual. Any ideas? We are stying to get a permanent shelter and a liitle bit of decency or a change. Family first , good credit second,,, no foolish spending -3rd. If you have any ideas please share Is this place will send me on my journey to good credt and respect.

Thanks for your adivce,,,it has been very insightful/

since 3/1/07

KDog eq tu exp

FAKO 548 609 611

since 4/1/07

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