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When citing case do you attach as Exhibit?

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When you cite case law such as ::

. In Norton v. Steinfeld (1930) 36 Ariz. 536, 288 P. 3. “Whenever one person may sue another, cause of action has accrued and statute begins to run.”

do you attached the entire case as an Exhibit??

Thanks much!

No, you don't need to attach anything. The case citation is enough.

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oh goody! Do you know if that goes for other things cited such as TILA?? I assume the Judge is familiar but want to make sure I am doing it correctly. thanks.

Statutes and things like that are accepted as fact under "judicial notice". This defintion comes from the University of Indiana Law School and describes it really well;

"A court may take judicial notice of a fact of common knowledge. The fact must be one not subject to reasonable dispute because it is either (1) generally known within the territorial jurisdiction of the trial court or (2) capable of accurate and ready determination by resort to sources whose accuracy cannot reasonably be questioned. Courts also may take judicial notice of laws."

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