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"Judgement Proof" Help w/ Suit from CA

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I recently posted about my wife being sued by RGM and Associates (cant find anything on them online, just an address). It is an 8K debt that is nearing the SOL originally credited from MBNA.

My question is, I feel that she might fall into the "judgement proof" status. Moreover, the house and vehicles are in my name and she is a stay at home mom with our childred.

She works no more then 2 days per month.


Should I include this information in the response that I send back to the court?

If my wife goes to court do you think this would be her best defense (judgement proof)?


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That is not a defense. All that means is that if they get a judgment, she has nothing they can take RIGHT NOW. (unless they can garnish in your state- also if her name is on your bank accounts, they can take that- also in some states, if they can prove your funds are comingled, they can still get the $$$)

In most states, a judgment is good for 10 or more years, and can be renewed. Will she still not own anything 20 years from now?

Also, if she is already being sued, the SOL is no longer an issue.

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We are now beyond the SOL on everything, but when we were within the SOL, I was prepared for a lawsuit. I did not have any bank accounts in my name. I live in Georgia, so even though our house is in both names, my lawyer told me no one could touch it with a lawsuit against me because my husband's name was also on the house. I did not own a car in my name. I did not work, except for occasionally as a 1099, so there were no wages to garnish. It may be that one of the reasons I was NOT sued is because they knew they would not collect a cent. Now that your wife is being sued, though, telling them they won't collect will not do you any good.

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