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Hi all, I have gotten such great info reading and reading and reading on this website. I just got 2 TLs removed from online dispute but I also noticed that a very old TL (1988) that shows as Closed/Paid. It used to say "closed at credit grantors request but now overnight it ways it was closed to inactivity. Is this now a negative on my CR? It is old so if it is, I will have it removed.

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On EX and TU, they segregate good and bad TLs. The bads one are listed first (I think under the heading adverse reporting) and then the good ones. If it changed from good to bad, it would move on your CR.

On EQ, they list TLs alphabetically and include codes and commentary under each.

On a monitoring service, I know TC lists the number of derogatory accounts. But if it's only a little bad, like a 30 day late, then it won't be in the derog count.

I cannot see this being a negative TL.

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