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Please help, cs, lwyr, and oc can't validate debt

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In 10-06 I was served a garnishment on my wages for a bank acct that was closed in 1998. The bank says they can't provide any checks, etc. that shows anything, the ca says they have no information or documents to show why I owe them, and the lawyer for the ca says that it's too old, and he doesn't have anything, either. I was never served due to the lawyer giving the summons to an out of county constable. The lawyer told me that he reps. the bank, but the ca said he reps them. I now have a judgement against me, I have filed a slow pay and have filed a dispute with the cra's. Since none of the parties can provide validation, can I file a motion to vacate, and shouldn't the bank have given the records as to why I owe this debt to the ca? I spoke with the ca today, and they again admitted that they have no way to validate the debt, but they did, and still are reporting this the cra's that is incorrect. They got a judgement by default b/c the lawyer gave the summons to the wrong county constable to serve me. Please, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.:confused:

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