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Those who have sued LVNV

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In my experience, they will try to call your bluff and wait until you actually file a lawsuit. I wouldn't be surprised if they receive ITS letters by the dozen.

Even if their first notice of ITS is through my attorney either via phone or letter?

I can imagine they do recieve ITS letters by the dozens. :D

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Awesome I am meeting with one on Friday and wanted to have all of my documents and what I think to be violations in order for review.

If you take them to court, please keep us posted.

From reading some federal cases against them in my district, it appears that they settle pretty easily after the suit is actually filed. I can't imagine them settling before that point. Of course, I'd really prefer to see someone take them to trial and nail them publicly, rather than settling and being bound by an NDA.

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I'll be following this as well. LVNV currently owns my debt, and they have been asleep since I won the lawsuit with the last bottomfeeder they hired.

There are a few questionables on my credit report, so I want to keep my options opens!

I also agree in thinking any CA JDB would take a real attorney more seriously then a pro se consumer.


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