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Someone please explain to me again how this works (collections deleted, score drops)

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ok, I have had 10 collections removed in the last 30 days from my CR.

(yes, will probably get reinsertions on a few, hopefully not, but will just have to keep fighting them).

Anyway, of the 10 deleted, they vary in age from a couple being nearly 6 years old, a couple of them 3 years old and a couple of them being from 2006.

I received an alert a couple of days ago, that stated my score had dropped 6 points "but the good news is, because it put you in another group" or something to that affect, that it would be easier for my score to rise or quicker? something like that...Is that right?

Tell me again how that works? will my FICO score raise faster or higher now than it would have with these collections on it before?

Of the 6 remaining collections:

2 of them will drop off in the next 30 - 60 days due to being 7 years old.

1 of them CA sent me what they considered DV, but was actually a contract showing a balance of 0.00, so I am pretty sure that one will have to come off, I've responded to the CA with a follow up letter pointing this out and MOV the CRA over it.

2 of them are recent as of last year, very small amounts ($47 and $57) that I wouldn't mind PFD after doing a DV. I am doing the DV on these two this week because I have already spent a ton on CRRR mail!

and the last one, Is for an auto repo that I was NEVER notified of my rights or the sale or disposition of the car. I did send a letter last month requesting this info, they blew me off and never replied. The SOL is up on this car the end of this month (DOFD= May 2003), so I am sure I won't have to pay the deficiet, but am working to have it removed from my CR completely by using all of their violations against them.

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As for the score drop, one of the things you have to remember about the FICO system is that it tends to categorize people, and each category has a range of scores. What probably happened is because many of your CA TL's were old, you went from the top of the "has CA's but they're old" category, to the bottom of the "doesn't have much history" category.

The FICO calculations are very convoluted and not at all intuitive...

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