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CA is not bonded in their county-illegal activity?


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Quick question anyone.

If a CA is not bonded in the county they are in, and the state requires them to be, can I simply send CMRRR letter stating they must remove info from CR as they are illegally reporting collection activity?? and then dispute to the CRA?

Thank you,

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I am asking again just in hopes that someone might be able to help. I have posted a few threads asking about bond issues with CAs. There is conflicting info online, one site states Georgia has a bond requirement for CA's the other saying GA has no requirements, license or bond. If a bond is required--if a CA is not bonded in their county are they illegal? and can I tell them to remove due to them illegally reporting to CRA?

Thank you.

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I can't see where it would hurt to try. Is it past SOL? How do you know that they are'nt bonded there? If you are past SOL, just send them a DV requesting proof of the debt and ability to do business there.

I just did a google search for Georgia and this is what I came up with:

Georgia Collection Agency Laws

Following is some important information on Georgia debt recovery laws including: Georgia Statutes, Georgia Judgments, Georgia Garnishments, Georgia Interest Rates, Georgia Bad Check Laws and Georgia Collection Agency Requirements.


Legal: 7%

Judgment: 12%

Commercial Accounts: 18%


Open Acct.: 4

Written Contract: 6

Domestic Judgment: 7

Foreign Judgment: 5


After 10 day written demand double damages up to $500 and service charge of $20 or 5%, whichever is greater,


See federal law. City, County & State employees may be garnished.


Bond: No

License: No

Fee: No

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I am not sure if a medical bill is a oral contract, written or what.....I might be close to SOL if it is an oral contract, but if it is considered written I have two more years. I was never contacted about them, just saw them on my CR. I checked online with my county Clerk of Superior Ct and they have not posted a bond. However, I am unsure if GA requires it or not due to conflicting info.

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From everything I see, Georgia is not required. I have successfully deleted all of my medical accounts by just skipping the CA and going back to the OC and requesting verification. Send an OC verification letter to the Doctors Office requesting all of the info that they have. I got my deletes because the Doctors office sent me a letter stating that they no longer had any info and all the CA was doing was sending me info on their Letterhead. I just sent a letter to the CA stating that the letterheads were pretty but not sufficient proof that I owed them any money and as they could see from the letter from the OC, there was no way that they could obtain anything any different than what I already had from the OC.

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Thanks for the info, when I looked under lawdog.com it stated that GA CAs had to post a $50,000 bond with the county of their residence but that info might be outdated because other resources are stating nothing required. I guess I will be writing to the hospital and seeing if they have any of these charges still.....wish me luck. :)

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