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Public Record - Judgment - Cap One


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Hi All...

A few days back I disputed a Public Record in a Virginia Court which showed only on TU. Their investigation came back as "No Longer On FIle", and from all I can gather from most on the boards, the TL will remain and TU simply failed to really do any type of investigation. I will follow up on that with recommendations of waiting for the 30 day investigation period to go by and then hit with a demand to delete.

However, originally I had checked the court records and there was nothing on file for me, but I later went back to the on-line records and pulled up the "Inactive" civil cases and sure enough, there were two cases filed against me showing Cap One as the Plaintiff. The first entry listed the Case Type: "Warrant In Debt". The second Case Type was listed as "Other".

I was able to view the details of each case by clicking on the Case Number. For the Warrant in Debt, it showed the typical party info, Cap One and me, and two court date listings:

03/02/02 1000 Finding: Continued

04/30/02 0900 Finding: Other

All of the other fields that covered things such as Party Awarded, Amount Awarded, etc. were all blank.

I then went to the next listing: "Other" to look. Except for the party information, Cap One and me, the entire entry is blank. I can honestly say I searched that site for any other active or inactive entries in every way I could find...nothing else.

So here is how it went down with Cap One in 2002..I recieve a Warrant in Debt, call Cap One, they accept a settlement and tell me I do not have to come to court.

Am I wrong that there was never a judgment in this case? I am assuming Cap One continued it to ensure I paid off the settlement? I have no idea what the finding of "Other" is. Any thoughts from anyone who has gone through this before?

Additionally, Cap One has me on all 3 CRAs as a CO. That IS inaccurate since I settled with them, correct? Unfortunately 2002 was not a good year for us and paperwork trails are non-existent on this end, so I have nothing to go back at Cap One and demand a TL change. They are due to drop off in October of this year, but I think a Settled for Less Than Owed would be better than a charge off, right?

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