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Newbie seeks reccomendation on CO issue


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Being very new to the credit repair process, I seek your advise on dealing with an old charge off on my CR. I have searched the forum, but can't seem to figure out the right way to proceed on this item.

I have a CO listed on Experian from AMEX dating back to May 2002. The CO amount is around 1K. This was a CO from a corp. AMEX card. I left my employer, failed to get reimbursed for my last travel voucher, and in a fit of youthfull exuberence, told AMEX to stick it. AMEX lists the CO as paid for less than full amount.

I have positve experience with AMEX on personal accounts that predate the CO and continue to this day. Also had subsequent positive history on AMEX corp accounts issued through subsequent employers.

Bottom line: Is there anything I should or should not do regarding this TL ? Contact AMEX and pay remaining amount ? Alternative courses of action?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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